What Do You Charge?                                                                                                                     

It is not possible to give an on the spot quote but once we know the details of your requirements, we will be able to contact you very quickly with a realistic and fair quote.

How Long Will It Take?                                                                                                                                            

Your enquiries are very important to us.  We will let you know properly whether we are able to produce the music you require in the time your schedule allows.  Alterations and some scores can be completed quite quickly and others will take time.  Our foremost aim is to provide a work of quality, so ideally, the more time you can give us the more time we can dedicate to your production.

Are Our Tracks Copyright Free?                                                                                         

The tracks are not copyright free.  The composer Wendy Picton holds the copyright.  In addition, all the music tracks and audio content on this website may not be copied, distributed, sold, used in any commercial, none commercial production, published or transmitted under any circumstances without prior written permission from Wendy Picton.  The composer Wendy Picton holds all content and copyright on this website.

Can We Work Long Distance?                                                                                     

Yes.  We can keep in regular contact on the progress of the project by e-mail or telephone if you prefer.

How Do I Receive The Finished Product?                                                                     

We can provide the music on CD or DVD delivered by mail courier or high quality MP3 for download.   

I am doing a performance of one of your ballets. Can I make a recording of the show?

You will need our permission in advance and depending on the use intended this may incur a royalty.