Music For Dance



NEW. Children's ballet about fairies - 15 minutes long, includes two optional songs and libretto. Original story. Receiving it's World Premiere performance in February 2009. Please ask for details.

We also have a selection of  music suitable for modern dance including:

Silverstone- Modern street dance with backbeat.

Highland Traveller- Scottish dance using authentic instruments with a modern twist and backbeat.

Valentine Waltz- Big Band Waltz.

Zakynthos- Greek Waltz

Until you are mine- Pop song useful for theatrical work and dance.

Arrangement- Ma'moiselle de Paris- simple like waltz orchestrally scored.



Snow Queen Ballet

Receiving its World Premiere performance in November 2008 and further performances in 2009. Please ask for details.

Please click on this link to hear samples of the Snow Queen.


Please listen to our samples. If you would like to receive a demo CD in the post or you would like to use our dance music for your performance, please send your enquiry to our e-mail address.